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Dental Bridge

3D rendering of a dental bridge being placed over a missing tooth gap that is flanked by two shaved down teethHaving a dental bridge is a great way to replace a tooth. They are made specifically for a missing tooth so that the empty space can be filled. Having a space filled with an artificial bridge will also allow you to have a normal bite once again.

Having a dental bridge will also help the shape of the face remain natural. When teeth are missing, it can cause the cheeks to have a sunken appearance. Bone loss can also occur. By contacting The Smile Suite at Towne Square, we can schedule you for a dental exam and give you the best recommendations for how to replace your missing teeth, and what type of dental bridge may suit your needs best.

Purpose for a Dental Bridge

When you have a tooth missing, it can cause a lot of problems. Your teeth need to provide the proper help so that you can chew, smile, and speak normally. If a tooth is missing, it causes difficulties to do any of these things. Missing teeth may also cause other teeth to change position as they drift into the empty space. This can cause crooked teeth.

Crooked teeth may lead to speech problems. When a tooth shifts into an empty space, your teeth may no longer remain straight. This misalignment can also effect your bite and cause it to become abnormal.

You may also experience difficulty with cleaning and brushing your teeth. When your toothbrush is unable to reach in between your teeth, you have a higher chance of developing tooth decay. If the tooth decay does not get handled, then your jawbone could eventually deteriorate.

Missing teeth cause a cascading effect of oral health problems.

Maintaining a Heathy Bridge

The best steps you can take to take care of your dental bridge is to brush and floss regularly. As you brush and floss, you need to ensure that you reach underneath your bridge. This can be accomplished by a toothbrush that is especially developed for a dental bridge so that both your bridge and surrounding teeth get cleaned. No matter which tool you use to clean your bridge, you need to ensure that you use them properly.

In order to ensure that your bridge is maintained, you need to schedule dental check-ups on a regular basis as well as cleanings. Also eating a diet that is healthy will help give your mouth, teeth, and body the proper nutrients it needs.

Do Bridges Last a Long Time?

Although it is known that a bridge can last a long time, they also may come out if they are too loose. To ensure that your bridge lasts as long as it should, you need to continue with daily oral hygiene. If your mouth suffers damage caused by gum disease, support can be lost for the bridge, as it will no longer fit properly.

Further Insight

It is important to schedule regular appointments with our dentist to ensure that your bridge remains intact. It should last you for many years. It's suggested to avoid hard food and chewing only soft foods until you have become adapted to your new dental bridge.

Dental Bridges at The Smile Suite at Towne Square

If you have missing teeth and would like to find out if a dental bridge is the right restoration for you, or if you already have a dental bridge and feel like your bridge needs to be checked, contact The Smile Suite at Towne Square office at (951) 234-8137 to schedule a consultation.

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