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Tooth Extraction

Row of wooden tooth shapes, one of which is being pulled out of the row by dental pliersHaving teeth extracted is a simple process that involves taking a tooth out of the socket. Occasionally, an extraction will also be referred to as a tooth pulling. When a tooth needs to be extracted, the highly trained professionals at The Smile Suite at Towne Square will ensure that the entire process is pain-free right from the start.

When A Tooth Extraction Is Advised

Many dentists would rather keep your original teeth than having to remove them. However, when a crown or filling are not enough to save a tooth, then they may need to be removed completely. This also goes for teeth that have sustained a heavy amount of damage that repair is not feasible.

Having teeth extracted may occur when damage is caused by decay, overcrowding, gum disease, fractures, luxation, or impactions. While these conditions are common, your dentist will decide whether you should have the bothersome teeth removed. Once an extraction has been recommended, you can decide whether to proceed.

What Takes Place Prior To Tooth Extractions?

Before an extraction takes place, your dentist will take a close look at the tooth or teeth and the gum area. You will also have X-rays to obtain the amount of damage that was caused. Ensure that your dentist is also aware of all medications you take.

What Takes Place While Getting An Extraction?

As you are sitting in the dentist's chair, anesthesia will be given locally to the tooth. Once numb, the dentist will utilize an extraction tool that will lift the tooth from the socket.

In some instances, an incision may be needed to obtain full access to the tooth. This will be especially true for teeth that are decayed beyond repair, or a tooth is hard to grasp due to breakage.

After removal, the tooth socket will be rinsed and cleaned. If necessary, a bone graft may also be placed so that bone loss can be minimized.

What Takes place Following An Extraction?

Upon completion of the extraction, a gauze packing will be placed in order for pressure to stop any bleeding. This will also help form a blood clot which will promote healing and eliminate any risks for dry socket to occur. As soon as the bleeding has stopped, you can remove the gauze.

Why A Tooth Extraction Is Beneficial

There are many ways a tooth extraction can be beneficial. The most is its ability to eliminate bacteria that causes gum disease and other damage. If an extraction is not done, your smile will be affected negatively and lead to many other dental issues.

Having a tooth extracted will provide the ideal health for your entire mouth. Not only that, but the overall pain being experienced will cease once the affected tooth is removed. This will be especially the case when you have an impaction or severe infection.

Recovering From A Tooth Extraction

The time for recovery from an extraction will depend on how complicated the extraction may be. Nevertheless, the average amount of time to get back on your feet is around 24 to 48 hours. In order to enjoy your normal, everyday routine, you should give yourself at least 72 hours to recover.

By having an extraction of a tooth, you are doing yourself a favor and reducing your chance for infection to spread to other teeth. By contacting The Smile Suite at Towne Square and scheduling your extraction, the dentist will ensure that you will be pain-free throughout the process. So don't hesitate to call (951) 234-8137.

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