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Dental Cleaning

Smiling dental patient sitting in dental chairRegular brushing and flossing at home are key to maintaining optimal oral health. In addition, regular professional dental cleanings and exams are crucial components to your oral health regimen.

At The Smile Suite at Towne Square, we make sure that the entire cleaning process remains pleasant and pain free right from the start. We want you to have a comfortable experience at our office. A dental cleaning consists of several steps. We find that our patients are more comfortable coming in for a dental cleaning if they know what to expect.

The Physical Exam

With dental hygienists performing the majority of teeth cleanings, they are normally begun following a thorough exam of the oral cavity. To assist with the cleaning, a mirror is used to inspect around the gum line and between teeth to identify any plaque or redness.

Plaque and Tartar Removal

While using the mirror, the hygienist will implement a scaler to remove tartar and plaque that has accumulated on and around the teeth. As they scale, there will be scraping sounds heard, but this is to be expected. If an excessive amount of plaque is present, then your hygienist may need additional time to get a complete cleaning.

With regular brushing and flossing at home, you are able to prevent a certain amount of plaque from accumulating on your teeth. But when you also have tartar present, it will require a visit to your dentist for removal.

Cleaning with Toothpaste

Following the complete removal of plaque and tartar, your teeth will be brushed with an electric toothbrush. This brushing will provide an additional cleaning that will eliminate any plaque and tartar that may have been missed.

As the brushing is undertaken, a gritty toothpaste will be used to clean your teeth. With the gritty consistency, the teeth are able to be safely and effectively scrubbed and polished.

Thorough Flossing

After the brushing is complete, the hygienist will perform a thorough flossing. The flossing will go deep between the teeth and clean out any areas that may continue to be troublesome. This flossing will help clean these areas so that bleeding can be prevented.


Rinsing the mouth will now need to be done to rinse out any debris. The hygienist may use a fluoride rinse to help strengthen the teeth. However, they may opt for any type of rinse and not necessarily infused with fluoride.


After rinsing is complete, a layer of fluoride will be applied to the teeth. Having this layer will provide more protection and help prevent future cavities from developing on the teeth.

Dental Cleanings in Temecula, CA

If it is time to have a dental cleaning, give The Smile Suite at Towne Square a call at (951) 234-8137 to schedule your next appointment. We look forward to helping you maintain health teeth and gums for a perfect smile!

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