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3D rendering of partial dentures being placed on a lower jaw with missing back teethDentures are worn by many people in order to have their teeth replaced. When their teeth are replaced they are able to regain their ability to chew food, smile, and continue to enjoy the foods they love. If a denture is on your list of things to accomplish, then the dental team at The Smile Suite at Towne Square will get you fitted with the perfect partial or full denture set.

Why A Denture Should Be Worn

Having a full set of dentures will be used to replace your teeth and provide a snugness on top of the gums. Wearing dentures will improve your eating and speaking ability. This will ultimately lead to a boost in self-confidence.

Wearing a partial denture will be worn to take the place of only a few missing teeth. Usually, the surrounding teeth will be able to support the partial. If gaps are present, then you may experience a shift of your other teeth to close the gap.

Waiting Period To Have Dentures After Teeth Are Removed

Shortly after your teeth are removed your dentures can be worn. These type of dentures that can be worn right away are known as immediate dentures. Following your teeth extraction, the dentist will measure the mouth and take impressions.

Immediate dentures allow you to enjoy teeth without having to wait for gum healing to be accomplished. Regardless, as time goes by, your gums can eventually shrink following teeth removal. If this happens, then your dentures will require adjusting in order for them to fit properly again.

Will There Be A Different Appearance?

Having missing teeth replaced will improve your general health and the appearance of your mouth. When you do not have dentures, your mouth will appear to sag. This will cause you to appear older than you really are. Our dentist will be able to match your dentures with your original teeth. This will then prevent very little change in your appearance. Dentures made today may also enhance the smile you provide.

How Many Hours A Day Should My Dentures Be Worn?

Shortly after getting your new dentures, you may need to wear them continuously for at least a week. This will ensure that your mouth can adjust to them. After you become comfortable wearing the dentures, you can then begin to remove them at night.

Taking them out will allow your gums to relax and maintain a healthy mouth. After taking your dentures out, make sure to give them a good rinse. Then, soak them using a denture cleaning solution for the entire night.

Longevity Of Dentures

When your dentures are taken care of properly, they will be able to last for a long time. Despite this, you will still need to have your dentures maintained from everyday wear. With a change in the gums and bone, your jaw may not align properly.

If your dentures are loose-fitting, you can expect to experience some discomfort. In some instances, an infection may result due to sores developing. Eating and chewing may also become hindered. By having your dentures regularly maintained by our dentist, you will be able to avoid any problems from developing.

If your dentures feel loose and you are beginning to cause discomfort, then getting a hold of us here at The Smile Suite at Towne Square will be the first step. This will allow our dentists to make the necessary adjustments. Give us a call at (951) 234-8137 to get the perfect fit for your dentures.

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