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Root Canal

3D rendered cross-section view of a tooth and its rootsAfter a tooth's pulp gets infected inside a tooth, it will be mainly caused by decay that is present, failed crowns, or enamel that has cracked. When these happen, a root canal will likely be needed in order to correct the issues. As soon as root canal is mentioned, it may seem like a frightening term to some. However, when you find yourself needing a root canal, the skilled dentists at The Smile Suite at Towne Square will be ready to make the procedure as smooth as possible by making sure the tooth is cleaned out and sealed with the best filling material available today.

How To Know If A Root Canal Is Warranted

There are several things that can be indicative for the need of a root canal and whether one is necessary prior to making an appointment. The first is experiencing obvious pain, and sensitivity to both cold and hot items have increased. Not only that but the gums can become swollen, the teeth can become discolored, or if a tooth begins to wiggle, then a root canal may need to be completed.

The Root Canal Procedure

Having a simple procedure such as a root canal can easily alleviate any pain associated with the problematic tooth. This will ensure that the tooth's strength is maintained. It will also help your tooth return to normal for eating purposes.

Prior to the root canal, an anesthetic will be provided locally in order for the tooth to be numb and decrease pain. Once numbing is achieved, the infected tooth pulp will be cleaned out where the root canal will take place. The tooth will then be filled and sealed. Once sealing is done, the dentist then places a sealant on top to conceal the opening.

When a root canal is performed, the results will last for several years without experiencing any issues or needing to be replaced. However, just like all other dental procedures, a root canal may have flaws. These flaws may include poor material used, which can lead to cracking or chipping.

When Your Dentist Should Be Contacted

If you begin to experience swelling and pain following your root canal, then you should be in contact with our dental office. A lot of times, a root canal will be suggested once it has been established that pain is caused by an infection in a tooth. If the infection goes untreated, an abscess can develop, which can eventually lead to tooth loss.

Is Pain Involved With A Root Canal?

Patients who undergo root canals will not experience much pain or discomfort as they receive the procedure. In fact, prior to your root canal procedure, a numbing of the tooth will take place to take away any pain. Following the root canal, you may continue to experience a little bit of sensitivity.

Having a root canal is a common procedure that easily takes care of problematic teeth. They can bring back your ability to chew and enjoy food again. This is what the professionals at The Smile Suite at Towne Square can provide as soon as you call (951) 234-8137 to make an appointment.

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