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Dental Crown

Close up 3D rendering of a dental crown being placed on a shaved down toothWhen you get a dental crown, you are getting an artificial fitting that will be placed on top of a damaged or broken tooth that has been prepared for restoration. Crowns are usually referred to as caps by dentists, due to it fitting on top of, or over, the tooth. This restoration will provide the same strength and durability that is seen within a normal tooth.

Why is a Dental Crown Needed?

There are many uses for dental crowns. Having a crown is a great way to ensure a broken tooth is repaired or to provide extra strength when there is a significant amount of decay present. A dentist may use a dental crown for many reasons including to make a tooth appear normal, to help protect a remaining tooth, or provide support to a denture or bridge.

Materials Used to Create Dental Crowns

The material used to create a crown can vary. Besides that, there are many new types of materials constantly being developed. Although the most popular material used is porcelain, there are others that a dentist could decide to use.

Bonded Porcelain

Bonded porcelain is what the majority of crowns consist of. This type of application involves a base made from precious metal. Once the base is applied, the porcelain then gets layered on top.

Pure Porcelain

A pure porcelain crown has no added material. Having a pure porcelain crown will come with decreased strength. This is a great disadvantage as compared to a bonded porcelain crown. However, they offer a natural appearance. This type of crown which will usually be used for front teeth.


With ceramic, you get a nice alternative to using metal. Ceramic material is able to offer added strength, as seen with dental bonds and a nice surface that a porcelain offers. This makes the ceramic crown perfect for any tooth.

Gold Alloys

Gold has been used in dentistry for centuries. In recent times, gold is now being mixed with other alloy types. These alloys will provide additional firmness and resiliency.

Preparing a Crown

As your dentist prepares your dental crown, they will first have the tooth shaped so that the crown fits properly over it. They may need to shave off some enamel but you will still maintain a strong tooth. The crown's thickness will be the same amount as the enamel that is removed. This enables your tooth to be the same size and also allows you to maintain the same bite strength and chewing formation.

After shaping, a mold will be obtained resembling the new tooth. A mold may also be obtained showing the other side of the jaw. If needed, a mold may be obtained to show how you bite.

Caring for Your Dental Crown

In order for your tooth's crown to be properly cared for, it needs to remain just as clean as your other teeth. Although decay cannot affect the crown directly, it can begin to attack the edges of the tooth where the crown's edge meets the tooth. By implementing a good brushing routine along with flossing, you are able to decrease your chance of having decay develop along your crown.

Are Crowns Long-Lasting?

In order to receive the best options for your dental crown, it is a good idea to get in contact with The Smile Suite at Towne Square today. We will discuss what best options are available for you. So don't hesitate, get in touch today at (951) 234-8137.

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