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Mouth Guard

Close up of a simple mouthguard being held up by an excited womanWearing a mouth guard while sleeping can help keep the jaw and teeth protected. If you have experienced headaches after waking up, or any type of head pain, then a nighttime mouth guard may be just what you need. If your significant other tells you about your teeth grinding, then you will likely need to start wearing a nighttime mouth guard.

When you wear a nighttime mouth guard, it will alleviate any teeth clenching or grinding and allow you to enjoy a better night´s sleep while keeping teeth nice and healthy. However, not all mouth guards have the ability to prevent grinding all together, but a good amount of protection is provided. As teeth grinding occurs, the tooth enamel gradually wears away and decreases the strength of the teeth.

Can A Mouth Guard Help With Sleep?

Experiencing bruxism (jaw clenching or teeth grinding) can easily prevent you from sleeping through the night. As a result, you will experience more fatigue as you go through your day. With a mouth guard, more sleep will be easily encouraged.

When it comes to a mouth guard that is custom made, the jaw will be able to rest correctly. By being in a correct position, jaw pressure will be relieved. It will also alleviate teeth grinding by maintaining an open space in the mouth so that snoring will be decreased.

Why Are Nighttime Mouth Guards Needed?

Incorporating a mouth guard at night is recommended by many dentists for those with severe cases of sleep apnea, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), and bruxism. If you suffer from a sleep condition such as bruxism, then you can expect your dentist to prescribe a custom-made mouth guard for you. When you begin wearing a mouth guard at night, your teeth will begin to experience the positive effect and comfort they provide for your teeth.

A night guard will also eliminate stress felt among the jaw and provide additional protection from any damage. There are many causes for the use of a mouth guard when these conditions are concerned. This is why it is important to get to the root of the cause.

Nighttime Guards Come In Different Types

When you are considering a mouth guard for nighttime use, you need to decide if your condition warrants the need for one. Normally, a mouth guard used for sleep will be either a hybrid type that provides both softness and hardness, a hard type that is designed to withstand a severe case of teeth grinding, and a soft type of mouth guard that helps alleviate mild cases of bruxism. No matter which mouth guard is right for you, the benefits will be catered for your needs.

When it comes to purchasing a nighttime mouth guard, there are considerations to keep in mind. These involve the specific items it is comprised of as well as the overall cost for the mouth guard. If you have allergies, then you will want to ensure it is free of gluten and BPA.

If you are experiencing bruxism and you are waking up with terrible headaches, then you should get in touch with The Smile Suite at Towne Square today. After calling (951) 234-8137, you'll be in touch with our great dental team who will fit you with the perfect custom-made mouth guard, made specifically for your teeth and mouth.

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