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Periodontal Care

Side by side drawings comparing a healthy tooth with another tooth suffering from periodontal diseaseKnowing that gum disease can affect the mouth negatively is well known and it is also known to cause many other issues that can lead to the loss of teeth. Not only that, but when gum disease is present, the body itself can be impacted.

With the mouth as an entry point for bacteria, this leaves the entire body susceptible to infection and if it is not kept healthy, then it will only fail to protect the body. At The Smile Suite at Towne Square, our dental experts will work with you to maintain a healthy mouth so that your entire body will remain healthy too.

Bacterial Infection

When dental hygiene is poor, the impact on the entire body will be a lot greater. Gum disease is a bacteria that can enter the body. With the bacteria being very active, it can easily move throughout the body via the blood where they can collect and cause infection in other parts of the body.

The thing to keep in mind with plaque is that it is the same plaque that builds up in the arteries of those suffering from heart disease. With it being understood that the bloodstream is a route for bacteria to travel, we can see how a body can be affected as a whole. With a link to many other health conditions, another link caused by stress could also occur. With stress, the immune system could be weakened.

Entrance Of The Bacteria Through The Mouth

With an understanding of bacteria entering the mouth and causing gum disease, it is more important than ever to prevent the colonization of bacteria. However, when bacteria is present, the individual is at a disadvantage, which will only result in decreased overall health.

Luckily, there are known risks involved and these include the actual damage the bacteria causes and the response of the body towards the bacteria, which will result in inflamed gums.

It is believed that the bacteria is able to eat away at bone and flesh, which leads to the initial gingivitis and tooth decay. This could be viewed as true because of the toxins the bacteria excretes as it attacks the mouth. It is also believed that the body responds with inflamed gums as a way for the immune system to respond and fight off the bacteria that is causing the damage.

The Body's Response

Through an immune response, the body is able to identify the bacteria that causes gum disease. To start a defense, the body will cause inflammation so that the area has a fresh amount of blood and white blood cells to make the fight against the bacteria.

Having some bleeding of the gums, along with pain and swelling is commonly seen while the body fights an infection. They are also signs that gum disease is on the horizon. These early signs should not be ignored. They are indicators of gum disease and that periodontal maintenance and care will be needed to ward off the infection and further development of gum disease.

If you have concerns of gum disease and you feel like you are experiencing bodily symptoms that could be relatable, we encourage you to get in touch with us at The Smile Suite at Towne Square. Contact us today at (951) 234-8137.

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